Evolution of interlayer and intralayer magnetism in three atomically thin chromium trihalides

23 May 2019 Kim Hyun Ho Yang Bowen Li Siwen Jiang Shengwei Jin Chenhao Tao Zui Nichols George Sfigakis Francois Zhong Shazhou Li Chenghe Tian Shangjie Cory David G. Miao Guo-Xing Shan Jie Mak Kin Fai Lei Hechang Sun Kai Zhao Liuyan Tsen Adam W.

We conduct a comprehensive study of three different magnetic semiconductors, CrI$_3$, CrBr$_3$, and CrCl$_3$, by incorporating both few- and bi-layer samples in van der Waals tunnel junctions. We find that the interlayer magnetic ordering, exchange gap, magnetic anisotropy, as well as magnon excitations evolve systematically with changing halogen atom... (read more)

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