Experimental nonlocality-based randomness generation with non-projective measurements

28 Nov 2017  ·  Gómez S., Mattar A., Gómez E. S., Cavalcanti D., Farías O. Jiménez, Acín A., Lima G. ·

We report on an optical setup generating more than one bit of randomness from one entangled bit (i.e. a maximally entangled state of two-qubits). The amount of randomness is certified through the observation of Bell non-local correlations... To attain this result we implemented a high-purity entanglement source and a non-projective three-outcome measurement. Our implementation achieves a gain of 27$\%$ of randomness as compared with the standard methods using projective measurements. Additionally we estimate the amount of randomness certified in a one-sided device independent scenario, through the observation of EPR steering. Our results prove that non-projective quantum measurements allows extending the limits for nonlocality-based certified randomness generation using current technology. read more

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Quantum Physics