Experimental quantum stochastic walks simulating associative memory of Hopfield neural networks

20 Apr 2019 Tang Hao Feng Zhen Wang Ying-Han Lai Peng-Cheng Wang Chao-Yue Ye Zhuo-Yang Wang Cheng-Kai Shi Zi-Yu Wang Tian-Yu Chen Yuan Gao Jun Jin Xian-Min

With the increasing crossover between quantum information and machine learning, quantum simulation of neural networks has drawn unprecedentedly strong attention, especially for the simulation of associative memory in Hopfield neural networks due to their wide applications and relatively simple structures that allow for easier mapping to the quantum regime. Quantum stochastic walk, a strikingly powerful tool to analyze quantum dynamics, has been recently proposed to simulate the firing pattern and associative memory with a dependence on Hamming Distance... (read more)

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