Fabrication and characterization of super-polished wedged borosilicate nano-cells

11 Jan 2019  ·  Peyrot T., Beurthe Ch., Coumar S., Roulliay M., Perronet K., Bonnay P., Adams C. S., Browaeys A., Sortais Y. R. P. ·

We report on the fabrication of an all-glass vapor cell with a thickness varying linearly between (exactly) 0 and ~ 1 {\mu}m. The cell is made in Borofloat glass that allows super polish roughness, a full optical bonding assembling and easy filling with alkali vapors. We detail the challenging manufacture steps and present experimental spectra resulting from off-axis fluorescence and transmission spectroscopy of the Cesium D1 line... The very small surface roughness of 1 Angstr\"om rms is promising to investigate the atom-surface interaction or to minimize parasite stray light. read more

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Atomic Physics Applied Physics Optics