First direct measurement of isotopic fission-fragment yields of $^{239}$U

20 Sep 2019  ·  Ramos D., Caamano M., Lemasson A., Rejmund M., Audouin L., Alvarez-Pol H., Frankland J. D., Fernandez-Dominguez B., Galiana-Baldo E., Piot J., Ackermann D., Biswas S., Clement E., Durand D., Farget F., Fregeau M. O., Galaviz D., Heinz A., Henriques A. I., Jacquot B., Jurado B., Kim Y. H., Morfouace P., Ralet D., Roger T., Schmitt C., Teubig P., Tsekhanovich I. ·

A direct and complete measurement of isotopic fission-fragment yields of $^{239}$U has been performed for the first time. The $^{239}$U fissioning system was produced with an average excitation energy of 8.3 MeV in one-neutron transfer reactions between a $^{238}$U beam and a $^{9}$Be target at Coulomb barrier energies... The fission fragments were detected and isotopically identified using the VAMOS++ spectrometer at the GANIL facility. This measurement allows to directly evaluate the fission models at excitation energies of fast neutrons, relevant for next-generation nuclear reactors. The present data, in agreement with model calculations, do not support the recently reported anomaly in the fission-fragment yields of $^{239}$U and confirm the persistence of spherical shell effects in the Sn region at excitation energies exceeding the fission barrier by few MeV. read more

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