First exotic hadron with open heavy flavor: $cs\bar u\bar d$ tetraquark

23 Aug 2020  ·  Karliner Marek, Rosner Jonathan L. ·

The LHCb Collaboration has reported resonant activity in the channel $D^+ K^-$, identifying two components: $X_0(2900)$ with $J^P = 0^+$ at $2866 {\pm} 7$ MeV, $\Gamma_0=57{\pm} 13$ MeV and $X_1(2900)$ with $J^P = 1^-$ at $2904 {\pm} 7$ MeV, $\Gamma_1=110{\pm} 12$ MeV. We interpret the $X_0(2900)$ component as a $cs \bar u\bar d$ isosinglet compact tetraquark, calculating its mass to be $2863 {\pm} 12$ MeV... This is the first exotic hadron with open heavy flavor. The analogous $bs\bar u\bar d$ tetraquark is predicted at $6213 {\pm} 12$ MeV. We discuss possible interpretations of the heavier and wider $X_1(2900)$ state and examine potential implications for other systems with two heavy quarks. read more

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