Fourier modal method for inverse design of metasurface-enhanced micro-LEDs

15 Aug 2023  ·  Martin F. Schubert, Alec M. Hammond ·

We present a simulation capability for micro-scale light-emitting diodes (uLEDs) that achieves comparable accuracy to CPU-based finite-difference time-domain simulation but is more than 10^7 times faster. Our approach is based on the Fourier modal method (FMM) -- which, as we demonstrate, is well suited to modeling thousands of incoherent sources -- with extensions that allow rapid convergence for uLED structures that are challenging to model with standard approaches. The speed of our method makes the inverse design of uLEDs tractable, which we demonstrate by designing a metasurface-enhanced uLED that doubles the light extraction efficiency of an unoptimized device.

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