From synchronous to one-time delayed dynamics in coupled maps

28 Feb 2018  ·  Anteneodo Celia, Gonzalez-Avella Juan Carlos, Vallejos Raul O. ·

We study the completely synchronized states (CSSs) of a system of coupled logistic maps as a function of three parameters: interaction strength ($\varepsilon$), range of the interaction ($\alpha$), that can vary from first-neighbors to global coupling, and a parameter ($\beta$) that allows to scan continuously from non-delayed to one-time delayed dynamics. % We identify in the plane $\alpha$-$\varepsilon$ periodic orbits, limit cycles and chaotic trajectories, and describe how these structures change with the delay... These features can be explained by studying the bifurcation diagrams of a two-dimensional non-delayed map. This allows us to understand the effects of one-time delays on CSSs, e.g, regularization of chaotic orbits and synchronization of short-range coupled maps, observed when the dynamics is moderately delayed. Finally, we substitute the logistic map by cubic and logarithmic maps, in order to test the robustness of our findings. read more

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Chaotic Dynamics