Fuzzy Dark Matter Candidates from String Theory

6 Oct 2021  ·  Michele Cicoli, Veronica Guidetti, Nicole Righi, Alexander Westphal ·

String theory has been claimed to give rise to natural fuzzy dark matter candidates in the form of ultralight axions. In this paper we revisit this claim by a detailed study of how moduli stabilisation affects the masses and decay constants of different axion fields which arise in type IIB flux compactifications... We find that obtaining a considerable contribution to the observed dark matter abundance without tuning the axion initial misalignment angle is not a generic feature of 4D string models since it requires a mild violation of the $S f\lesssim M_P$ bound, where $S$ is the instanton action and $f$ the axion decay constant. Our analysis singles out $C_4$-axions, $C_2$-axions and thraxions as the best candidates to realise fuzzy dark matter in string theory. For all these ultralight axions we provide predictions which can be confronted with present and forthcoming observations. read more

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