Gamow-Teller transition strengths for selected ${fp}$ shell nuclei

17 Mar 2020 Kumar Vikas Srivastava Praveen C. Kumar Anil

We have reported a systematic shell model description of the experimental Gamow-Teller transition strength for $^{44}$Sc $\rightarrow$ $^{44}$Ca, $^{45}$Ti $\rightarrow$ $^{45}$Sc, $^{48}$Ti $\rightarrow$ $^{48}$V, $^{66}$Co $\rightarrow$ $^{66}$Ni, and $^{66}$Fe $\rightarrow$ $^{66}$Co transitions using KB3G and GXPF1A interactions for $fp$ model space. In order to see the importance of higher orbital for $^{66}$Co $\rightarrow$ $^{66}$Ni and $^{66}$Fe $\rightarrow$ $^{66}$Co transitions, we have reported the shell model results with $fpg_{9/2}$ space using GXPF1Br+$V_{MU}$ interaction... (read more)

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