Generalized Many-Body Expanded Full Configuration Interaction Theory

11 Dec 2019 Eriksen Janus J. Gauss Jürgen

Facilitated by a rigorous partitioning of a molecular system's orbital basis into two fundamental subspaces - a reference and an expansion space, both with orbitals of unspecified occupancy - we generalize our recently introduced many-body expanded full configuration interaction (MBE-FCI) method to allow for electron-rich model and molecular systems dominated by both weak and strong correlation to be addressed. By employing minimal or even empty reference spaces, we show through calculations on the one-dimensional Hubbard model with up to 46 lattice sites, the chromium dimer, and the benzene molecule how near-exact results may be obtained in a entirely unbiased manner for chemical and physical problems of not only academic, but also applied chemical interest... (read more)

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