Giant magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in the off-stoichiometric Mn-Co-Ge alloy

10 May 2016  ·  Sharma V. K., Manekar M. A., Srivastava Himanshu, Roy S. B. ·

We report a giant magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in an off-stoichiometric Mn-Co-Ge alloy, across the magnetostructural transition. The isothermal entropy change accompanying this transition has a peak value of nearly 40 J/kg-K near 297 K and a refrigerant capacity of 270 J/kg with the hot end at 302.5 K and cold end at 293.5 K. We also present an experimental protocol to avoid spurious peaks in the magnetocaloric effect across a sharp first order magnetostructural transition, not confined to Mn-Co-Ge alone, where metastability during the transition could influence the measured magnetization and thus the estimated entropy change... The estimated entropy change in the present off-stoichiometric Mn-Co-Ge alloy is possibly the highest reported value near room temperature in undoped Mn-Co-Ge alloys and underlines the potential of the alloy for technological applications in room temperature magnetic refrigeration. read more

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Materials Science