Grain size correlated rotatable magnetic anisotropy in polycrystalline exchange bias systems

27 May 2016  ·  Müglich Nicolas David, Götz Gerhard, Gaul Alexander, Meyl Markus, Reiss Günter, Kuschel Timo, Ehresmann Arno ·

Angular resolved measurements of the exchange bias field and the coercive field are a powerful tool to distinguish between different competing magnetic anisotropies in polycrystalline exchange bias layer systems. No simple analytical model is as yet available, which considers time dependent effects like enhanced coercivity arising from the grain size distribution of the antiferromagnet... In this work we expand an existing model class describing polycrystalline exchange bias systems by a rotatable magnetic anisotropy term to describe grain size correlated effects. Additionally, we performed angular resolved magnetization curve measurements using vectorial magnetooptic Kerr magnetometry. Comparison of the experimental data with the proposed model shows excellent agreement and reveals the ferromagnetic anisotropy and properties connected to the grain size distribution of the antiferromagnet. Therefore, a distinction between the different influences on coercivity and anisotropy becomes available. read more

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Materials Science