Gravitational mass and energy gradient in the ultra-strong magnetic fields

19 Jun 2017  ·  Weng Zi-Hua ·

The paper aims to apply the complex octonion to explore the influence of the energy gradient on the Eotvos experiment, impacting the gravitational mass in the ultra-strong magnetic fields. Until now the Eotvos experiment has never been validated under the ultra-strong magnetic field... It is aggravating the existing serious qualms about the Eotvos experiment. According to the electromagnetic and gravitational theory described with the complex octonions, the ultra-strong magnetic field must result in a tiny variation of the gravitational mass. The magnetic field with the gradient distribution will generate the energy gradient. These influencing factors will exert an influence on the state of equilibrium in the Eotvos experiment. That is, the gravitational mass will depart from the inertial mass to a certain extent, in the ultra-strong magnetic fields. Only under exceptional circumstances, especially in the case of the weak field strength, the gravitational mass may be equal to the inertial mass approximately. The paper appeals intensely to validate the Eotvos experiment in the ultra-strong electromagnetic strengths. It is predicted that the physical property of gravitational mass will be distinct from that of inertial mass. read more

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General Physics