Gravity as a Quantum Effect on Quantum Space-Time

8 Oct 2021  ·  Harold C. Steinacker ·

The 3+1-dimensional Einstein-Hilbert action is obtained from the 1-loop effective action on noncommutative branes in the IIB or IKKT matrix model. The presence of compact fuzzy extra dimensions ${\cal K}$ as well as maximal supersymmetry of the model is essential... The E-H action can be interpreted as interaction of ${\cal K}$ with the space-time brane via IIB supergravity, and the effective Newton constant is determined by the Kaluza-Klein scale of ${\cal K}$. The bare matrix model defines a pre-gravity action with 2 derivatives less than the induced E-H action, governing the cosmological regime. The perturbative physics is confined to the space-time brane, which for covariant quantum space-times includes all dof of gravity, as well as a tower of higher-spin modes. The vacuum energy is given in terms of the symplectic volume form, and hence does not gravitate. read more

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High Energy Physics - Theory