Hamiltonian optics of hyperbolic polaritons in nanogranules

22 May 2015  ·  Sun Zhiyuan, Gutierrez-Rubio A., Basov D. N., Fogler M. M. ·

Semiclassical quantization rules and numerical calculations are applied to study polariton modes of materials whose permittivity tensor has principal values of opposite sign (so-called hyperbolic materials). The spectra of volume- and surface-confined polaritons are computed for spheroidal nanogranules of hexagonal boron nitride, a natural hyperbolic crystal... The field distribution created by polaritons excited by an external dipole source is predicted to exhibit ray-like patterns due to classical periodic orbits. Near-field infrared imaging and Purcell-factor measurements are suggested to test these predictions. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics