Heralded Channel Holevo Superadditivity Bounds from Entanglement Monogamy

14 Oct 2017  ·  Gao Li, Junge Marius, LaRacuente Nicholas ·

We show that for a particular class of quantum channels, which we call heralded channels, monogamy of squashed entanglement limits the superadditivity of Holevo capacity. Heralded channels provide a means to understand the quantum erasure channel composed with an arbitrary other quantum channel, as well as common situations in experimental quantum information that involve frequent loss of qubits or failure of trials... We also show how entanglement monogamy applies to non-classicality in quantum games, and we consider how faithful, monogamous entanglement measures may bound other entanglement-dependent quantities in many-party scenarios. read more

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Quantum Physics Information Theory Information Theory