High-precision $Q$-value measurement confirms the potential of $^{135}$Cs for antineutrino-mass detection

19 Feb 2020 de Roubin A. Kostensalo J. Eronen T. Canete L. de Groote R. P. Jokinen A. Kankainen A. Nesterenko D. A. Moore I. D. Rinta-Antila S. Suhonen J. Vilén M.

The ground-state-to-ground-state $\beta$-decay $Q$-value of $^{135}\textrm{Cs}(7/2^+)\to\,^{135}\textrm{Ba}(3/2^+)$ was directly measured for the first time utilizing the Phase-Imaging Ion-Cyclotron Resonance (PI-ICR) technique at the JYFLTRAP Penning-trap setup. It is the first direct determination of this $Q$-value and its value of 268.66(30)\,keV is a factor of three more precise than the currently adopted $Q$-value in the Atomic Mass Evaluation 2016... (read more)

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