Hybrid device for quantum nanophotonics

28 Jan 2020  ·  Pierini S., D'Amato M., Joos M., Glorieux Q., Giacobino E., Lhuillier E., Couteau C., Bramati A. ·

Photons have been identified early on as a very good candidate for quantum technologies applications, as carriers of quantum information, either by polarization encoding, time encoding or spatial encoding. Quantum cryptography, quantum communications, quantum networks and quantum computing are some of the applications targeted by the so called quantum photonics... Nevertheless, it was also clear at an early stage that bulk optics for handling quantum states of light would not be the best option for these technologies. More recently, single photons, entangled photons and quantum light in general have been coupled to integrated approaches coming from classical optics in order to meet the requirements of scalability, reliability and efficiency for quantum technologies. In this article, we describe our recent advances using elongated optical nano-fibers. We also present our latest results on nanocrystals made of perovskites and discuss some of their quantum properties. Finally, we will discuss the general steps necessary in order to couple these nanoemitters efficiently with our photonic platform, based on tapered optical nanofibers. read more

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Quantum Physics Optics