Hybrid quantum logic and a test of Bell's inequality using two different atomic isotopes

27 Nov 2015 Ballance C. J. Schaefer V. M. Home J. P. Szwer D. J. Webster S. C. Allcock D. T. C. Linke N. M. Harty T. P. Craik D. P. L. Aude Stacey D. N. Steane A. M. Lucas D. M.

Entanglement is one of the most fundamental properties of quantum mechanics, and is the key resource for quantum information processing. Bipartite entangled states of identical particles have been generated and studied in several experiments, and post-selected or heralded entangled states involving pairs of photons, single photons and single atoms, or different nuclei in the solid state, have also been produced... (read more)

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