Imaging localized plasmon resonances in vacancy doped Cu3-xP semiconductor nanocrystals with STEM-EELS

12 Jul 2019  ·  Bertoni Giovanni, Brescia Rosaria, De Trizio Luca, Manna Liberato, Ramasse Quentin ·

Copper binary compounds are often intrinsic p-type semiconductors due to the presence of Cu(I) vacancies, with corresponding hole carriers in the valence band. If the free carrier concentration is high enough, localized plasmon resonances can be sustained in nanocrystals, with frequencies in the infra-red (<1 eV), with respect to the typical resonances seen in the visible range in the case of metals (Ag, Au, ...)... The localization of the resonances can be demonstrated with scanning transmission electron energy loss spectroscopy (STEM-EELS) by combining high spatial and high energy resolutions. Here we demonstrate that Cu(I) vacancies can be directly measured from the STEM images in Cu(3-x)P hexagonal nanocrystals. Two localized resonances can be seen from STEM-EELS, which are in agreement with the resonances calculated from the vacancy concentration obtained from the STEM. read more

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Materials Science Applied Physics