Improved Quantum State Tomography for the Systems with XX+YY Couplings and Z Readouts

20 Oct 2020  ·  Xin Tao ·

Quantum device characterization via state tomography plays an important role in both validating quantum hardware and processing quantum information, but it needs the exponential number of the measurements. For the systems with XX+YY-type couplings and Z readouts, such as superconducting quantum computing (SQC) systems, traditional quantum state tomography (QST) using single-qubit readout operations at least requires $3^n$ measurement settings in reconstructing an $n$-qubit state... In this work, I proposed an improved QST by adding 2-qubit evolutions as the readout operations and obtained an optimal tomographic scheme using the integer programming optimization. I respectively apply the new scheme on SQC systems with the Nearest-Neighbor, 2-Dimensional, and All-to-All connectivities on qubits. It shows that this method can reduce the number of measurements by over 60% compared with the traditional QST. Besides, comparison with the traditional scheme in the experimental feasibility and robustness against errors were made by numerical simulation. It is found that, the new scheme has good implementability and it can achieve comparable or even better accuracy than the traditional scheme. It is expected that the experimentalist from the related fields can directly utilize the ready-made results for reconstructing quantum states involved in their research. read more

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Quantum Physics