Improved Search for Heavy Neutrinos in the Decay $\pi\rightarrow e\nu$

26 Mar 2018  ·  Aguilar-Arevalo A., Aoki M., Blecher M., Britton D. I., Bruch D. vom, Bryman D. A., Chen S., Comfort J., Cuen-Rochin S., Doria L., Gumplinger P., Hussein A., Igarashi Y., Ito S., Kettell S., Kurchaninov L., Littenberg L. S., Malbrunot C., Mischke R. E., Numao T., Protopopescu D., Sher A., Sullivan T., Vavilov D. ·

A search for massive neutrinos has been made in the decay $\pi\rightarrow e^+ \nu$. No evidence was found for extra peaks in the positron energy spectrum indicative of pion decays involving massive neutrinos ($\pi\rightarrow e^+ \nu_h$)... Upper limits (90 \% C.L.) on the neutrino mixing matrix element $|U_{ei}|^2$ in the neutrino mass region 60--135 MeV/$c^2$ were set, which are %representing an order of magnitude improvement over previous results. read more

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High Energy Physics - Experiment