In-situ high resolution TEM observation of Aluminum solid-state diffusion in Germanium nanowires: fabricating sub-10 nm Ge quantum dots

24 Jan 2020 Luong M. LEMMA Robin E. LEMMA Pauc N. SiNaps Gentile P. SiNaps Sistani M. TU Wien Lugstein A. TU WIEN Spies M NEEL Fernandez B NEEL Hertog M. den NEEL

Aluminum-germanium nanowires (NWs) thermal activated solid state reaction is a promising system as very sharp and well defined one dimensional contacts can be created between a metal and a semiconductor, that can become a quantum dot if the size becomes sufficiently small. In the search for high performance devices without variability, it is of high interest to allow deterministic fabrication of nanowire quantum dots, avoiding sample variability and obtaining atomic scale precision on the fabricated dot size... (read more)

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