Inertial drag in granular media

12 Jul 2019  ·  Athani Shivakumar, Rognon Pierre ·

Like in liquids, objects moving in granular materials experience a drag force. We investigate here whether and how the object acceleration affect this drag force... The study is based on simulations of a canonical drag test, which involves vertically uplifting a plate through a granular packing with a prescribed acceleration pattern. Depending on the plate size, plate depth and acceleration pattern, results evidence a rate-independent regime and an inertial regime where the object acceleration strongly enhances the drag force. We introduce an elasto-inertial drag force model that captures the measured drag forces in these two regimes. The model is based on observed physical processes including a gradual, elasto-inertial mobilisation of grains located above the plate. These results and analysis point out fundamental differences between mobility in granular materials upon steady and unsteady loadings. read more

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Soft Condensed Matter