Initiation of the Worthington jet on the droplet impact

19 Dec 2017  ·  Yamamoto Ken, Motosuke Masahiro, Ogata Satoshi ·

Deformation of liquid droplets by impingement induces Worthington jet in certain range of the impact velocity. Although the growth of the jet as well as its tip velocity is predicted from similar cases to the droplet impact, the mechanism of the jet generation is yet to be understood... In this study, high-speed visualization of the droplet impact on a superhydrophobic surface was conducted to understand the initiation of the jet generated by a collapse of an air cavity. Water droplets whose diameter are 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm were generated and the Weber number of the droplet was varied in a range of 2 to 20. The jet velocity was measured from the captured images and it was found that it has a peak at the Weber number equals to approximately seven. The resulting jet velocity at the peak was approximately 15 folds higher than the impact velocity. Moreover, we observed that surface waves were generated by a collision of the droplet on the solid and the waves induced an oscillation of the droplet cap as they propagate from the solid-liquid contact line to the top portion of the droplet. Furthermore, we found the phase of the oscillation is related to the Weber number and it influences the jet velocity significantly, as it determines the initial condition of the jet generation. read more

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Fluid Dynamics