Intersubband pairing induced Fulde-Ferrell phase in metallic nanofilms

12 Apr 2019  ·  Wójcik P., Nowak M. P., Zegrodnik M. ·

We consider a free-standing metallic nanofilm with a predominant intersubband paring which emerges as a result of the confinement in the growth direction. We show that the Fermi wave vector mismatch between the subbands, detrimental to the intersubband pairing, can be compensated by the non-zero center of mass momentum of the Cooper pairs... This leads to the spontaneous appearance of the intersubband Fulde-Ferrell (IFF) state, even in the absence of an external magnetic field. Our study of the intrasubband pairing channel on the stability of the IFF phase shows that the former strongly competes with the intersubband pairing, which prohibits the coexistence of the two superconducting phases. Interestingly, upon application of the magnetic field we find a transition to an exotic mixed spin-singlet subband-triplet and spin-triplet subband-singlet paired state. Finally, we discuss the possibility of existence of the IFF pairing in novel superconducting materials. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Superconductivity