Inverse scattering transform for two-level systems with nonzero background

14 Jul 2019  ·  Biondini Gino, Gabitov Ildar, Kovacic Gregor, Li Sitai ·

We formulate the inverse scattering transform for the scalar Maxwell-Bloch system of equations describing the resonant interaction of light and active optical media in the case when the light intensity does not vanish at infinity. We show that pure background states in general do not exist with a nonzero background field... We then use the formalism to compute explicitly the soliton solutions of this system. We discuss the initial population of atoms and show that the pure soliton solutions do not correspond to a pure state initially. We obtain a representation for the soliton solutions in determinant form, and explicitly write down the one-soliton solutions. We next derive periodic solutions and rational solutions from the one-soliton solutions. We then analyze the properties of these solutions, including discussion of the sharp-line and small-amplitude limits, and thereafter show that the two limits do not commute. Finally, we investigate the behavior of general solutions, showing that solutions are stable (i.e., the radiative parts of solutions decay) only when initially atoms in the ground state dominant, i.e., initial population inversion is negative. read more

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Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems Mathematical Physics Mathematical Physics Pattern Formation and Solitons