Ion-acoustic shock waves in magnetized pair-ion plasma

16 Feb 2021  ·  T. Yeashna, R. K. Shikha, N. A. Chowdhury, A. Mannan, S. Sultana, A. A. Mamun ·

A theoretical investigation associated with obliquely propagating ion-acoustic shock waves (IASHWs) in a three-component magnetized plasma having inertialess non-extensive electrons, inertial warm positive and negative ions has been performed. A Burgers equation is derived by employing the reductive perturbation method... Our plasma model supports both positive and negative shock structures under the consideration of non-extensive electrons. It is found that the positive and negative shock wave potentials increase with the oblique angle ($\delta$) which arises due to the external magnetic field. It is also observed that the magnitude of the amplitude of positive and negative shock waves is not effected by the variation of the ion kinematic viscosity but the steepness of the positive and negative shock waves decreases with ion kinematic viscosity. The implications of our findings in space and laboratory plasmas are briefly discussed. read more

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Plasma Physics