Lagrange Multipliers and Third Order Scalar-Tensor Field Theories

14 Sep 2016  ·  Horndeski Gregory W. ·

In a space of 4-dimensions, I will examine constrained variational problems in which the Lagrangian, and constraint scalar density, are concomitants of a (pseudo-Riemannian) metric tensor and its first two derivatives. The Lagrange multiplier for these constrained extremal problems will be a scalar field... For suitable choices of the Lagrangian, and constraint, we can obtain Euler-Lagrange equations which are second order in the scalar field and third order in the metric tensor. The effect of disformal transformations on the constraint Lagrangians, and their generalizations, is examined. This will yield other second order scalar-tensor Lagrangians which yield field equations which are at most of third order. No attempt is made to construct all possible third order scalar-tensor Euler-Lagrange equations in a 4-space, although nine classes of such field equations are presented. Two of these classes admit subclasses which yield conformally invariant field equations. A few remarks on scalar-tensor-connection theories are also presented. read more

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General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology