Lagrange2D: A Mathematica package for Lagrangian analysis of two-dimensional fluid flows

2 Aug 2019  ·  William Gilpin ·

We introduce Lagrange2D, a Mathematica package for analysis and characterization of complex fluid flows using Lagrangian transport metrics. Lagrange2D includes built-in functions for integrating ensembles of trajectories subject to time-varying two-dimensional flows, as well as utilities for calculating various quantities of interest, such as finite-time Lyapunov exponents, stretching vector fields, the fractal dimension, and flushing times... The package also includes tools for visualizing transport and pathlines, as well as for generating videos. This package aims to ease rapid characterization of arbitrary flows, by allowing identification of Lagrangian coherent structures and other quantities of interest. The open-source code for the package is available on GitHub at: \url{} read more

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