Large anomalous Nernst and inverse spin-Hall effects in epitaxial thin films of Kagome semimetal Mn$_3$Ge

24 Aug 2020 Hong Deshun Anand Naween Liu Changjiang Liu Haihua Arslan Ilke Pearson John E. Bhattacharya Anand Jiang J. S.

Synthesis of crystallographically well-defined thin films of topological materials is important for unraveling their mesoscale quantum properties and for device applications. Mn$_3$Ge, an antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal with a chiral magnetic structure on a Kagome lattice, is expected to have enhanced Berry curvature around Weyl nodes near the Fermi energy, leading to large anomalous Hall / Nernst effects and a large spin-Hall effect... (read more)

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