Large voltage tuning of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction: a route towards dynamic control of skyrmion chirality

26 Jun 2018 Srivastava Titiksha Schott Marine Juge Roméo Křižáková Viola Belmeguenai Mohamed Soussigné Yves Bernand-Mantel Anne Ranno Laurent Pizzini Stefania Chérif Salim-Mourad Stashkevich Andrey Auffret Stéphane Boulle Olivier Gaudin Gilles Chshiev Mair Baraduc Claire Béa Hélène

Electric control of magnetism is a prerequisite for efficient and low power spintronic devices. More specifically, in heavy metal/ ferromagnet/ insulator heterostructures, voltage gating has been shown to locally and dynamically tune magnetic properties like interface anisotropy and saturation magnetization... (read more)

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