Long-path formation in a deformed microdisk laser

15 Mar 2017  ·  Shinohara Susumu, Fukushima Takehiro, Sunada Satoshi, Harayama Takahisa, Arai Kenichi ·

An asymmetric resonant cavity can be used to form a path that is much longer than the cavity size. We demonstrate this capability for a deformed microdisk equipped with two linear waveguides, by constructing a multiply reflected periodic orbit that is confined by total internal reflection within the deformed microdisk and outcoupled by the two linear waveguides... Resonant mode analysis reveals that the modes corresponding to the periodic orbit are characterized by high quality factors. From measured spectral and far-field data, we confirm that the fabricated devices can form a path about 9.3 times longer than the average diameter of the deformed microdisk. read more

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