Low-Temperature Transport in Metals without Inversion Centre

18 May 2020  ·  Mineev V. P. ·

Theory of low temperature kinetic phenomena in metals without inversion center is developed. Kinetic properties of a metal without inversion center are described by four kinetic equations for the diagonal (intra-band) and the off-diagonal (inter-band) elements of matrix distribution function of electrons occupying the states in two bands split by the spin-orbit interaction... The derivation of collision integrals for electron-impurity scatterings and for electron-electron scatterings in a non-centrosymmetric medium is given. Charge, spin and heat transport in the ballistic and the weak impurity scattering regimes is discussed. It is shown that the off-diagonal terms give rise the contribution in charge, spin and heat flows not only due to the interband scattering but also in the collisionless case. The zero-temperature residual resistivity and the residual thermal resistivity are determined by scattering on impurities as well as by the electron-electron scattering. read more

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