Macroscopic quantum entanglement in modulated optomechanics

19 Dec 2017  ·  Wang Mei, Lü Xin-You, Wang Ying-Dan, You J. Q., Wu Y. ·

Quantum entanglement in mechanical systems is not only a key signature of macroscopic quantum effects, but has wide applications in quantum technologies. Here we proposed an effective approach for creating strong steady-state entanglement between two directly coupled mechanical oscillators (or a mechanical oscillator and a microwave resonator) in a modulated optomechanical system... The entanglement is achieved by combining the processes of a cavity cooling and the two-mode parametric interaction, which can surpass the bound on the maximal stationary entanglement from the two-mode parametric interaction. In principle, our proposal allows one to cool the system from an initial thermal state to an entangled state with high purity by a monochromatic driving laser. Also, the obtained entangled state can be used to implement the continuous-variable teleportation with high fidelity. Moreover, our proposal is robust against the thermal fluctuations of the mechanical modes under the condition of strong optical pumping. read more

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Quantum Physics