Magnetic and electronic structure of Dirac semimetal candidate EuMnSb$_2$

16 Jul 2019  ·  Soh J. -R., Manuel P., Schröter N. M. B., Yi C. J., Prabhakaran D., Orlandi F., Shi Y. G., Boothroyd A. T. ·

We report an experimental study of the magnetic order and electronic structure and transport of the layered pnictide EuMnSb$_2$, performed using neutron diffraction, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), and magnetotransport measurements. We find that the Eu and Mn sublattices display antiferromagnetic (AFM) order below $T_\mathrm{N}^\mathrm{Eu} = 21(1)$ K and $T_\mathrm{N}^\mathrm{Mn} = 350(2)$ K respectively. The former can be described by an A-type AFM structure with the Eu spins aligned along the $c$ axis (an in-plane direction), whereas the latter has a C-type AFM structure with Mn moments along the $a$--axis (perpendicular to the layers). The ARPES spectra reveal Dirac-like linearly dispersing bands near the Fermi energy. Furthermore, our magnetotransport measurements show strongly anisotropic magnetoresistance, and indicate that the Eu sublattice is intimately coupled to conduction electron states near the Dirac point.

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Strongly Correlated Electrons Materials Science