Microwave multiphoton conversion via coherently driven permanent dipole systems

12 Aug 2020  ·  Alexandra Mirzac, Sergiu Carlig, Mihai A. Macovei ·

We investigate the multiphoton quantum dynamics of a leaking single-mode quantized cavity field coupled with a resonantly driven two-level system possessing permanent dipoles. The frequencies of the interacting subsystems are being considered very different, e.g., microwave ranges for the cavity and optical domains for the frequency of the two-level emitter, respectively. In this way, the emitter couples to the resonator mode via its diagonal dipole moments only. Furthermore, the generalized Rabi frequency resulting form the external coherent driving of the two-level subsystem is assumed as well different from the resonator's frequency or its multiples. As a consequence, this highly dispersive interaction regime is responsible for the cavity multiphoton quantum dynamics and photon conversion from optical to microwave ranges, respectively.

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Quantum Physics Statistical Mechanics