Mo Thio and Oxo-Thio Molecular Complexes Film as Self-Healing Catalyst for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution on 2D Materials

13 Mar 2020 Barbosa Juliana Barros Taberna Pierre Louis Bourdon Valerie Gerber Iann C. Poteau Romuald Balocchi Andrea Marie Xavier Esvan Jerome Puech Pascal Barnabé Antoine Vieira Lucianna Da Gama Fernandes Moraru Ionut-Tudor Chane-Ching Jean Yves

2D semiconducting nanosheets of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides are attractive materials for solar energy conversion because of their unique absorption properties. Here, we propose Mo thio- and oxo-thio-complexes anchored on 2D p-WSe2 nanosheets for efficient water splitting under visible light irradiation with photocurrent density up to 2.0 mA cm-2 at -0.2 V/NHE... (read more)

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