Modification of classical electron transport due to collisions between electrons and fast ions

10 Apr 2019  ·  Appelbe Brian, Sherlock Mark, El-Amiri Omar, Walsh Chris, Chittenden Jeremy ·

A Fokker-Planck model for the interaction of fast ions with the thermal electrons in a quasi-neutral plasma is developed. When the fast ion population has a net flux (i.e. the distribution of the fast ions is anisotropic in velocity space) the electron distribution function is significantly perturbed from Maxwellian by collisions with the fast ions, even if the fast ion density is orders of magnitude smaller than the electron density... The Fokker-Planck model is used to derive classical electron transport equations (a generalized Ohm's law and a heat flow equation) that include the effects of the electron-fast ion collisions. It is found that these collisions result in a current term in the transport equations which can be significant even when total current is zero. The new transport equations are analyzed in the context of a number of scenarios including $\alpha$ particle heating in ICF and MIF plasmas and ion beam heating of dense plasmas. read more

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Plasma Physics