Monolayer black phosphorus by sequential wet-chemical surface oxidation

10 Mar 2019 Wild Stefan Lloret Vicent Vega-Mayoral Victor Vella Daniele Nuin Edurne Siebert Martin Koleśnik-Gray Maria Löffler Mario Mayrhofer Karl J. J. Gadermaier Christoph Krstić Vojislav Hauke Frank Abellán Gonzalo Hirsch Andreas

We report a straightforward chemical methodology for controlling the thickness of black phosphorus flakes down to the monolayer limit by layer-by-layer oxidation and thinning, using water as solubilizing agent. Moreover, the oxidation process can be stopped at will by two different passivation procedures, namely the non-covalent functionalization with perylene diimide chromophores, which prevents the photooxidation, or by using a protective ionic liquid layer... (read more)

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