Monotonous manipulation of atomic density in an isovolumetric focused-beam trap

15 Mar 2018  ·  Tanasanchai Nuttanan, Srakeaw Kritsana, Phrompao Jindaratsamee, Anukool Waranont ·

We present an asymmetric focused-beam trap of rubidium-85 atoms where the cloud volume only varied with the trap laser intensity. By repumping on F=2 to F'=2 D2 transition, the Stokes Raman scattering has strongly affected the population ratio in the two hyperfine ground states... With the volume and trap number simultaneously and separately controlled, we have shown that the cloud density can be monotonously manipulated from zero to the maximum value limited by the cooling power. By solely varying the intensity of repump laser, the scheme for precision loading of exact 1-6 atoms in the FORT, which is beyond the practical loading limit of the blue-detuned light-assisted collision, is described. read more

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Atomic Physics