$\mu$SR evidence for the U(1) quantum spin liquid ground state in the triangular antiferromagnet YbMgGaO$_4$

12 Jul 2016 Li Yuesheng Adroja Devashibhai Biswas Pabitra K. Baker Peter J. Zhang Qian Liu Juanjuan Tsirlin Alexander A. Gegenwart Philipp Zhang Qingming

Muon spin relaxation and rotation ($\mu$SR) experiments on single crystals of the structurally perfect triangular antiferromagnet YbMgGaO$_4$ indicate the absence of both static long-range magnetic order and spin freezing down to 0.048 K in zero field. Below 0.4 K, the $\mu^{+}$ spin relaxation rates, which are proportional to the dynamic correlation function of the Yb$^{3+}$ spins,exhibit temperature-independent plateaus... (read more)

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