Multistate reversible copolymerization of nonMarkovian chains under low conversion conditions

15 Jan 2019  ·  Gaspard Pierre ·

The reversible kinetics of copolymerization is solved analytically for the multistate mechanism proposed by B. D. Coleman and T. G. Fox [J. Chem. Phys... 38, 1065 (1963)] under low conversion conditions where the concentrations of monomeric species are chemostatted and stay constant in time. Although the rates of this mechanism only depends on the currently attached or detached monomer, the growing macromolecular chain forms a nonMarkovian sequence that is characterized by matrices associated with every monomeric unit composing the sequence. These matrices are obtained by solving the kinetic equations and they determine the growth velocity of the copolymers, the statistical properties of its possible sequences, as well as the thermodynamics of the copolymerization process. read more

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Chemical Physics