Nanoscale Probing of Localized Surface Phonon Polaritons in SiC Nanorods with Swift Electrons

21 Sep 2019  ·  Li Yuehui, Qi Ruishi, Shi Ruochen, Li Ning, Sun Yuanwei, Liu Bingyao, Gao Peng ·

Surface phonon polaritons hold much potential for subwavelength control and manipulation of light at the infrared to terahertz wavelengths. Here, aided by monochromatic scanning transmission electron microscopy - electron energy loss spectroscopy technique, we study the excitation of optical phonon modes in SiC nanorods... Surface phonon polaritons are modulated by the geometry and size of SiC nanorods. In particular, we study the dispersion relation, spatial dependence and geometry and size effects of surface phonon polaritons. These experimental results are in agreement with dielectric response theory and numerical simulation. Providing critical information for manipulating light in polar dielectrics, these findings should be useful for design of novel nanoscale phonon-photonic devices. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics