New approach to neutrino masses and leptogenesis with Occam's razor

25 Sep 2020 Barreiros D. M. Joaquim F. R. Yanagida T. T.

The minimal type-I seesaw framework with texture-zero Yukawa and mass matrices inspired by Occam's razor is incompatible with normally-ordered neutrino masses (currently preferred by data) when lepton mixing originates solely from the neutrino sector. Moreover, the lightest right-handed neutrino mass required to generate the observed baryon asymmetry of the Universe via leptogenesis ($M_1 \sim 10^{14}$ GeV) is in conflict with vanilla scenarios for Peccei-Quinn) axion dark matter where the reheating temperature of the Universe is typically below $10^{12}$ GeV... (read more)

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