New N=2 superconformal field theories from S-folds

21 Sep 2020  ·  Giacomelli Simone, Meneghelli Carlo, Peelaers Wolfger ·

We study the four-dimensional N=2 superconformal field theories that describe D3-branes probing the recently constructed N=2 S-folds in F-theory. We introduce a novel, infinite class of superconformal field theories related to S-fold theories via partial Higgsing. We determine several properties of both the S-fold models and this new class of theories, including their central charges, Coulomb branch spectrum, and moduli spaces of vacua, by bringing to bear an array of field-theoretical techniques, to wit, torus-compactifications of six-dimensional N=(1,0) theories, class S technology, and the SCFT/VOA correspondence.

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High Energy Physics - Theory