Nitrogen magneto-ionics

24 Mar 2020 de Rojas Julius Quintana Alberto Lopeandía Aitor Salguero Joaquín Muñiz Beatriz Ibrahim Fatima Chshiev Mairbek Liedke Maciej O. Butterling Maik Wagner Andreas Sireus Veronica Abad Llibertat Jensen Christopher J. Liu Kai Nogués Josep Costa-Krämer José L. Menéndez Enric Sort Jordi

So far, magneto-ionics, understood as voltage-driven ion transport in magnetic materials, has largely relied on controlled migration of oxygen ion/vacancy and, to a lesser extent, lithium and hydrogen. Here, we demonstrate efficient, room-temperature, voltage-driven nitrogen transport (i.e., nitrogen magneto-ionics) by electrolyte-gating of a single CoN film (without an ion-reservoir layer)... (read more)

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