Non-Hermitian exceptional Landau quantization in electric circuits

30 Jan 2020  ·  Zhang Xiao-Xiao, Franz Marcel ·

Alternating current RLC electric circuits form an accessible and highly tunable platform simulating Hermitian as well as non-Hermitian (nH) quantum systems. We propose here a circuit realization of nH Dirac and Weyl Hamiltonians subject to time-reversal invariant pseudo-magnetic field, enabling the exploration of novel nH physics... We identify the low-energy physics with a generic real energy spectrum from the nH Landau quantization of exceptional points and rings, which can avoid the nH skin effect and provides a physical example of a quasiparticle moving in the complex plane. Realistic detection schemes are designed to probe the flat energy bands, sublattice polarization, edge states protected by a nH energy-reflection symmetry, and a characteristic nodeless probability distribution. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Other Condensed Matter Quantum Physics