Number Density of Peaks in a Chi-Squared Field

12 Dec 2016  ·  Jolyon K. Bloomfield, Stephen H. P. Face, Alan H. Guth, Saarik Kalia, Casey Lam, Zander Moss ·

We investigate the statistics of stationary points in the sum of squares of $N$ Gaussian random fields, which we call a "chi-squared" field. The behavior of such a field at a point is investigated, with particular attention paid to the formation of topological defects. An integral to compute the number density of stationary points at a given field amplitude is constructed. We compute exact expressions for the integral in various limits and provide code to evaluate it numerically in the general case. We investigate the dependence of the number density of stationary points on the field amplitude, number of fields, and power spectrum of the individual Gaussian random fields. This work parallels the work of Bardeen, Bond, Kaiser and Szalay, who investigated the statistics of peaks of Gaussian random fields. A number of results for integrating over matrices are presented in appendices.

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Mathematical Physics Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Mathematical Physics